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By Laurie Jacobo | August 31, 2016 | services

Aloha Landscape

Temecula Landscaping prides ourselves on creativity, quality and making the impossible a reality. We are one of the premier landscaping companies in the Inland Empire, and we bring skill and excellence to every exterior design. Our landscape architects are inspired and driven with the ability to take your vision and construct both the softscapes and hardscapes with precision.

Before you begin collecting ideas of what you want the exterior of your home or business to look like, let us first clarify some terminology that will help us create your landscape together. First, softscape refers to land, planting specifically, soil, trees, flowers, color schemes of plants and layout. Then there’s hardscape. This refers to construction and materials like rocks, stones, bricks, patios, ponds, gates, fences etc. A truly great landscape model must have both elements to create a harmonious blend of nature and design.

When you sit down with your designer, you will envision the available space together and map out every garden, tree, rock and path. There is no terrain too difficult, and our landscapists are always up for a challenge. We can guarantee your plan will be unique and have the visual affect you are hoping for. Temecula Landscaping offers endless options for both softscape and hardscape giving you diversity to build whatever you can imagine.

Do not forget hardscapes, things that do not live or grow, are equally vital for a landscape that surpasses ordinary. These are the changes to your exterior that require minor construction and items that will not change over time. Trees and gardens will morph, grow, wither and bloom, but hardscapes are the backbone of a design. They create the palette on which all the colors are planted.

Flow is also critical to the structure of your landscape. Both construction and soft scapes must seamlessly fit in the natural environment where they are placed while also maintaining space to move about whether walking, parking or sitting. The continuity will define your outdoor space and its uses, both functionally and aesthetically, bringing your home or business into the exterior land around it. By using construction materials outdoor living spaces can be easily created. Changing the texture of the ground with gravel, stones or pavement can create a type of floor. Partial walls can be built with wooden screens, fencing, brick and stone or free-standing construction. Even ceilings can be alluded to with shades, trellises, arbors and awnings.

Your designer and aloha landscape team will be with you every step of the way ensuring quality and a professional finish. This means your personal designer will help you map out your vision and then be on site to guarantee it is completed exactly as you had planned. When difficulties arise, your designer will meet the problem with a solution as we all eagerly await the colorful and ornate outcome.