By Weldon Stanford | August 31, 2016 | services

Temecula Landscapers or  grounds-keeping or landscape maintenance, but they are all one and the same. Though there is much work involved in preserving the beauty and health of a living garden or outdoor space, it is also the vast knowledge of horticulture and the tips and tricks of the trade that make hiring a professional landscapist worth every penny!

We at Temecula Landscaping offer our experience and talent in this service to keep your outdoor space vibrant and flourishing to its full potential. There is no lawn or property too small or too large. We offer our services to homeowners, business owners and public properties to maintain the health, appearance and safety of lawns, gardens and parks.

Our Temecula Landscaper services include but are not limited to seasonal seed planting, weeding as is necessary, fertilizing where needed, hedge trimming, topiaries, lawn care, seasonal cleanup such as snow or leaves, pruning, drainage, erosion, irrigation, sprinkler systems, care of any hardscapes we provided such as lighting, decking, pathways, stones or water fountains and other landscape services as discussed with you in advance.

We do not take care of domestic animals in a yard space, but we will guarantee to only use safe products, fertilizers and chemicals for your home. We will supply all our own tools and equipment for the maintenance of your property as well as all the necessary skilled laborers and horticulture knowledge. The care of your property will be discussed in advance so all that you need will be done and nothing will take you by surprise.