Irrigation Systems

By Laurie Jacobo | August 31, 2016 | services

Temecula Sprinkler Systems

A sprinkler system doesn’t seem complicated on its own, pipes in the ground that water the grass and garden. There is actually much more to it than that. Fifty percent of residential water use is used to water yards and flower beds. Because of this, outdoor irrigation is limited to two days per week and only five minutes per day on a standard sprinkling system. With Temecula Landscaping you can have more gardening opportunities and longer water rations due to our knowledge and variety of sprinkler systems.

If we install a water-efficient system like drip and micro-irrigation or a stream rotor, the five-minute mandate is lifted. This allows you to create a denser landscape without burdening the already limited water rations. We will set your system to only water after 6 p.m. or before 10 a.m. to coincide with local water laws. We can also help you to control your irrigation system so it does not go off during a rainstorm or for the mandatory 48 hours after a storm. If you have chosen a hardscape with flowing water, such as a fountain, we can also ensure the irrigation system is a recirculating pump! Once we have covered all the state and city codes for irrigation, we will also determine your water pressure, meter size, service line size and accurate dimensions of your entire property that needs to be fitted for the sprinkler system. We will discuss with you what would be best for an automated system and which areas would benefit more from personalized watering with a hose. If this is not something you wish to maintain, we can set up a service for you. Finally, we will cover all the costs and benefits of the different systems we install, so you can make your decision.

When all the details have been sorted, a team of professionals will install your system and instruct you on functionality and care. The team will respect your lawn and current landscaping leaving no trace of their time on your property. If you have any further questions or concerns, you can call us during office hours, and we will assist you immediately. If for any reason there is a malfunction, a technician will arrive within 48 hours to assess the problem and work through a resolution.

Living in a time of water rationing, increased heat waves and continual climate changes does not have to leave your home or business a baron space of rock and sand. There are many low-water and drought resistant plants which can thrive in dry, hot climates. With Landscaping Temecula CA finding the right balance of water and landscape is crucial.