Tree Injections

By Weldon Stanford | August 31, 2016 | services

Tree injection is exactly what it sounds like, a shot for your tree. Pesticides have received a lot of negative attention over the years but still remain a necessity for the health and sometimes life of your plants. Tree injections are the environmentally safe way to treat your trees while protecting your home, business and the planet.

Trunk injections are given using a special tool, often resembling a large syringe, which is inserted in the bottom 18 inches of the trunk at entry points around 6 inches apart. This is an extremely unobtrusive method as the injection only penetrates up to 1 5/8 inch. If your tree is approximately 20 inches in diameter, it will need around a 3-ounce injection that will sustain it for nearly two years! Not only can tree injections deliver pesticides for prevention, the injection can be given amid a full infestation and often save the tree. There are also fertilizer injections that can help trees which are struggling by putting the necessary nutrients directly into their vascular flow. Today’s soil, yards and properties are not as nutrient dense due to our constant maintenance and removal of twigs, leaves and decaying plants which feed the soil. Land with sod actually leeches most of the nutrients from the existing soil to feed the new grass. For this reason, fertilizer injections have become key in the survival of many older trees.

As for injections for prevention or elimination of harmful insects, the method is the least invasive available and uses the lowest amount of pesticides for treatment. When injected into the tree, the chemicals are sealed inside and do not risk exposure to other plants or animals. There have also been numerous studies showing that pesticide injections are safe for food bearing trees as most of the chemicals divert to the foliage. This will become the more environmentally approved method of guarding mass food crops from pesticides in the near future.