Tree Moving

By Weldon Stanford | August 31, 2016 | services

Temecula Landscaping is about the love of plants in all shapes and sizes. For this reason, we offer a tree moving service to relocate trees from your property that are no longer desired or causing harm to structures. This is a way to preserve our planet’s resources while keeping a way of life we are accustomed to.

Our service is more than uprooting a tree and throwing it on a truck. It is about delicately searching out roots that wind deep in the earth and preserving the life of the tree. There is an element of aftercare in ensuring proper shade, hydration and re-submersion into the soil in order to keep the tree alive. We pride ourselves in our trees’ survival rate and do our very best to give these silent giants a new place to rest.

If you have a small sapling or a weathered Cedar, we can help you move it to a new home. A certified arborist will assess the situation and make an informed plan to preserve the integrity of your lawn and the health and safety of the tree.

If you want to remove a tree on your property because it seems unhealthy, try a few of these tips first. A tree needs nutrients like any living thing, but with today’s modern landscapes there are less natural minerals and supplements in the soil. For example, leaves and debris around the base of a tree break down to feed the soil, but we remove them for aesthetic purposes. Try using our fertilizing and mulching service to give your tree another chance.

Another common cause for poor health in trees are wood boring pests and leaf eaters. Much like a predator which preys on the weak, there are certain insects and fungus which are drawn to malnourished trees. We recommend one of our pesticide services to help protect your trees and lawn. If the tree simply cannot be saved, we will still help remove it from your property and dispose of it in ways which benefit the planet and our resources. This will only occur if all other options have failed. Temecula Landscaping will do all we can to save each and every tree and move it to a safe and nourishing environment.